Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hey, I'm Jake.

Wonder what happened?

Marchant is what happened.  As usual.  I've worked for him for all those years, you'd think that would count for something wouldn't you?  Yeah I know, you think I shouldn't have stolen from him, but I couldn't see any other way of getting away from him.  He'd never have let me go start a new life with Kelly, never in a million.

I didn't think he'd go after my family the way he did.  No warning, just dead, just dead.  Sorry, I might sound like I'm not making sense but I can't think, can't let myself think about what he 'd do to Kelly.

So you see?  This was the only way.  Yes?

I had to get her out of the country, and then I figured the only way to keep him away, was to go deal with him myself.

So many things I could have changed but I didn't.  This was the only way of life I knew.  I ran away from home when I was 14, not the best family situation to grow up in, so I left.  Left school too, so no education, but there were far easier ways to make money, so I did.  Started with shoplifting, learned it offa the kids on the street, I did.  Like they say, one thing leads to another and I ended up working with Marchant, doing the shit he wouldn't do himself.  Why would he, when he had enough people willing, and more than able enough to do it for him?

At first, in my early twenties it was great.  Plenty of money, women, and any other vice you can think of.  I could have had a different woman every night back then, but I didn't want that.  Not saying I never had girlfriends, I did, just never met anyone special enough that I wanted to stay alive for.  Until, as you know, I met Kelly.

And I never wanted a life without her, but I couldn't continue my way of life with her.

Easy choice really, the hard thing was carrying out the plan.

I'll tell you more later, got a few errands to run.


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